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Rental Details and Rules

What can I hire?
You can hire two red spot toys (these are $2.00 each) or two green spot toys (these are $5.00 each). These are larger and more valuable toys. In addition you can also hire up top six other items.
How long Can I borrow each toy for?
You can take toys out for two weeks although toys may be renewed for a further hire period by phoning before the due date. Please note red and green spot toys may not be renewed.
What happens if I have broken or missing pieces?
We understand accidents happen and we take wear and tear and the age of the toy into account. However if toys are ruined, broken, lost or stolen in your care you may have to pay for repair or replacement of the toy.
If a piece is missing you will be charged $5.00 per piece. This is refundable on return of the piece with your receipt within a 6 week period.
If the piece broken or missing renders the toy useless (e.g a piece of a jigsaw puzzle) then you will be charged to replace the toy taking into account depreciation.
What happens if I return a toy late?
Toys need to be returned 15 minutes before the end of each session. Members are given one weeks grace to return toys. After this period each overdue item will incur a $1.00 fine per toy, per session.
What happens if I lose my membership card?
If you lose your card a replacement must be obtained via the library at a cost of $1.00
How do I care for the toys?
If toys are in a container then return them to that container at the end of each day. If you have hired outside toys then these should be kept under cover when not in use.
Please return the toys clean and tidy, in the condition you would like to receive them. A great deal of time and effort is put into the repair and maintenance of the toys. Your care helps maintain the condition.