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Membership Details and Rules

Subscriptions are $80.00 per family, per year, or $70.00 if renewing and paying BEFORE 1st March.  If you would prefer not to be part of our duty roster, subscriptions are $150.00 per family, per year. A discount is available for community services card holders. If joining partway through the year then the fee reduces accordingly.  PLEASE NOTE PAYMENT MUST BE CASH
Please note that the majority of our toys can be hired at NO ADDITIONAL COST. 
Subscriptions are available to families only. No pre-school, kindys, groups or the likes are allowed.
As a condition of membership you will be required to do 3-4 duties per membership year. We do make allowances for new mothers, please let us know if this is you.
If you are unable to work on the day that you are rostered, it is your responsibility to phone another member and arrange a swap. Please advise the supervisor of the changes made.
A list of duty persons for hire ($30.00 fee) is on display at the library and the bottom of the roster. Failure to do a rostered duty will incur a $40.00 fine.

Report for duty 20 minutes prior to the library opening time and be prepared to remain 20 minutes after closing. Please do not bring your children with you when you are on duty.